We are interested
in research
that may help
make the world
a better place

To support this mission, we explore topics as varied as accessible connected multi-modal mobility to gaming for visually impaired persons.


The Design and Research of In-Vehicle Experiences Lab (DRIVE Lab) brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines across Clemson University’s main (Clemson, SC) and Greenville, SC campuses. We collaborate with faculty in industrial engineering, psychology, mechanical engineering, and automotive engineering. Faculty and researchers from all departments are welcome and we are always interested in inter and intra university collaborations.

We are currently looking for new students and collaborators...

What brings us together is an intense interest in the design, implementation and evaluation of new technologies. We are especially interested in research that exists at and explores the intersection of computing technology and social issues.

While we are a new lab, established in 2018, we are a growing community of researchers where you will find support, willing collaborators and people motivated by interesting ideas.

One of our core missions in understanding how technology broadly may be designed in a manner that renders it accessible to all people. To this end we explore novel design methodologies and the development of advanced user interfaces designed from the ground up for accessibility. To support our goal of making a tangible impact on the world, we engage in collaborative research, journal publication, active conference participation as well as active participation in workshops and symposiums.

If you are interested in learning more about what we do and perhaps joining our growing research group, contact us directly at drivelab@clemson.edu or check out the membership page.

The DRIVE Lab is housed in and supported by the School of Computing in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Science

Dr. Julian Brinkley


Lab director

dr Julian Brinkley

Assistant Professor, Human-Centered Computing Director, DRIVE Lab

Dr. Julian Brinkley is an Assistant Professor of Human-Centered Computing at Clemson University. His research is focused on the user experience and driver/operator performance in partially, highly and fully automated vehicles. Beyond automotive research, he also explores how technology broadly may be leveraged for the social good (e.g. social inclusion, public safety, and accessibility).

Dr. Brinkley completed a Ph.D. in Human-Centered Computing at the University of Florida, holds an M.S. from East Carolina University in Software Engineering and a B.A. from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro.