Accessibility: People with Disabilities

An inclusive society is one where people from all backgrounds can engage equally in all activities and endeavors. However, that is not the case, in particular for people with disabilities. Research conducted in this branch examines the barriers limiting people with disabilities from participating in society, what needs to be addressed, and how to design and develop technology for their benefit.


  • Needs, Preferences and Concerns of VIP on AVs
  • DOT Inclusive Design Challenge
  • Enactment Study with BVI for self-driving vehicle
  • AV Portable Profiles
  • Participatory Design Narrative System
  • Participatory Design of AV HMI (Class Projects)
  • HMI Evaluation
  • Workplace Experiences for Programmers with Visual Impairments
  • Perspectives of Accessible Computing Education from Teachers of Visually Impaired Students

Recent projects


Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles

As Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology transitions from the realm of science fiction to reality, the benefits of this technology have become ever more broadly discussed.

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Transportation: Ridesharing

Ridesharing is an increasingly utilized alternative mode of transportation providing a more widely available and often low-cost option compared to buses and taxis. Ridesharing  may

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older adults

Accessibility: Older Adults

Older adults, people ages 65 and older, may face challenges in being active members of society due to potential physical and mental limitations as they

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