Headshot of Kuntal Maiti

Kuntal Maiti

Biomedical Data Science and Infomatics PhD Student

Kuntal is a second-year PhD student in Biomedical Data Science and Informatics, jointly offered by Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina. His research involves designing machine learning algorithms and their applications in cancer research, neuroscience, computational biology, and health informatics. Currently, he is working under the supervision of Dr. Morgante on using different sources of information to improve phenotypic prediction accuracy. 
Kuntal holds an undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering and a master’s degree in Data Science from Indiana University, Bloomington. Before arriving at Clemson, he worked as a seasoned software developer and a data scientist in several multinational corporations like Capital One, and DuPont, Cognizant etc.
In the DRIVE Lab he will be working as a ML/AI specialist to design machine learning models to enable an autonomous vehicle user with physical disabilities to interact with the vehicle using technologies which are both familiar to the user and may collectively enhance the end user experience.
Besides being an avid researcher, he is a big fan of cricket and a total movie buff.