Research for Social Good: Education & Community

In this thrust, our research explores, identifies, and seeks to address societal ills that negatively impact individuals from one or more populations. Projects within this area are targeted at promoting inclusion and equity in a variety of contexts, such as education, transportation, and AI, producing guidelines or technology that may help to mitigate disparities in access and opportunities.


  • AV Dilemma Simulator
  • AI Ethics
  • Ethics Class
  • Teaching Ethics in Computer Science
  • Teaching Inclusive Design
  • Design Thinking in the Classroom
  • Participatory Design of AV HMI (Class Projects)
  • Perspectives of Accessible Computing Education from Teachers of Visually Impaired Students
  • Understanding Accessible Computing Education in a Computer Science Course for Visually Impaired Students
  • Online Communities for STEM Students with Disabilities

Recent projects


Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles

As Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology transitions from the realm of science fiction to reality, the benefits of this technology have become ever more broadly discussed.

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Transportation: Ridesharing

Ridesharing is an increasingly utilized alternative mode of transportation providing a more widely available and often low-cost option compared to buses and taxis. Ridesharing  may

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older adults

Accessibility: Older Adults

Older adults, people ages 65 and older, may face challenges in being active members of society due to potential physical and mental limitations as they

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