Research for Social Good: Games and Other Media

Games and other media, such as virtual reality (VR) can serve as a source of entertainment; however, this may not hold true for all people. Our research focuses on examining the factors that may limit or deny people from fully engaging in games and other media and how such factors can be improved to make them more inclusive. Social media plays a considerable role in connecting people from across the world. However, many social networking sites may not be designed in a way that encourages participation of all people. Our projects explore the motivation, challenges, interactions at different stages, and experiences  of using social media by different populations to inform their design to improve accessibility and inclusivity of people, regardless of their ability.


  • BVI Games
  • CHI Game Competition – Racing in the Dark
  • The Enclosing Dark: A VR Auditory Adventure
  • Older Adults and VR Accessibility
  • SNS Portable Profile System
  • SNSs and Blind Users

Recent projects


Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles

As Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology transitions from the realm of science fiction to reality, the benefits of this technology have become ever more broadly discussed.

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Transportation: Ridesharing

Ridesharing is an increasingly utilized alternative mode of transportation providing a more widely available and often low-cost option compared to buses and taxis. Ridesharing  may

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older adults

Accessibility: Older Adults

Older adults, people ages 65 and older, may face challenges in being active members of society due to potential physical and mental limitations as they

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