Transportation: Ridesharing

Ridesharing is an increasingly utilized alternative mode of transportation providing a more widely available and often low-cost option compared to buses and taxis. Ridesharing  may significantly benefit persons who are unable to operate conventional motor vehicles, such as people with disabilities..  the accessibility and rider experience of ridesharing and ways that such services can improve […]

Putting Older Adults in the Driver Seat: Using User Enactment to Explore the Design of a Shared Autonomous Vehicle

ABSTRACT Self-driving vehicles have been described as one of the most significant advances in personal mobility of the past century. By minimizing the role of arguably error-prone human drivers, self-driving vehicles are heralded for improving traffic safety. Primarily driven by the technology’s potential impact, there is a rapidly evolving body of literature focused on consumer […]

Ridesharing Drivers and Persons with Disabilities

ABSTRACT Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft, have grown to become a viable option for public transportation, especially for persons with disabilities and older adults who otherwise are unable to operate a motor vehicle. These services are often more available and cheaper than traditional transportation options such as buses and taxis. However, recent incidents […]