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Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles

  • January 7, 2021

Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles

As Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology transitions from the realm of science fiction to reality, the benefits of this technology have become ever more broadly discussed. Our research aims to make substantial contributions centered around the design of AVs and supportive technologies for AVs and how they can benefit all future consumers, especially those who cannot operate conventional vehicles, such as older adults and people with disabilities.


  • Cooperative Driving
  • Assertive Voices
  • AV Design Guidelines
  • Situational Awareness Simulator Study
  • AV Survey
  • Metaphorical UE
  • AV Driving Simulator Build
  • Transparency of AVs
  • AV Data Analysis
  • AV Dilemma Simulator


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  • Address1 Research Dr, CU-ICAR Campus, Greenville, SC, USA
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