Joining the Drive lab

We appreciate your interest in joining the DRIVE Lab. Due to the volume of generic email requests for a position in the lab, we have created the following process for students interested in joining the lab.

  1. A writing sample. This writing sample should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, with citations on one of the following topics:
    1. Why automated driving systems have the potential to benefit older adults or people with disabilities more than any other population?
    2. Which system do you believe is most important for an automated driving system, the internal human-machine interface or the external human-machine interface? (Select and defend one point of view.)
    3. Assistive technologies are equipment, software, or system used to improve the functional capabilities of older adults or people with disabilities. As technology, in general, is advancing rapidly, what do you see as the next big assistive technology, and how do you envision it positively affecting older adults or people with disabilities?
  2. What do you bring to the lab? What skills, certifications, and experiences do you believe would make a difference to the DRIVE Lab and the research we conduct? We are not looking for a list; instead, we want examples that practically demonstrate these skills.
  3. Why do you want to work as a member of the DRIVE Lab team? How do your interests fit within the interests of the lab?



Questions two and three should be addressed in an email to Dr. Brinkley with the subject line, “DRIVE Lab Interest Request Process.” The writing sample should be attached to the email as a PDF.

After Joining the Drive lab

Once you have joined the DRIVE Lab, our primary request is that you participate and help build a supportive research community! Here is a list of the things we ask our student researchers to maintain their DRIVE Lab membership:

  • After joining give us a bit of information about you so that we can list you on the DRIVE Lab website (image, research interests, short bio)
  • Note your DRIVE Lab affiliation on your own personal website(s) and with permission in publications.
  • Attend weekly DRIVE Lab meetings. We have both weekly meetings and one monthly brainstorming session.
  • Help us to promote the lab through tweets/social media, adding news to the site etc.
  • Participate in our annual CHI Paper clinic – where we help each other prepare publications for the premier conference for human-computer interaction research (CHI).
  • Participate in DRIVE Lab activities! We have several events and lab activities throughout the year and we hope that all affiliated faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers will participate as possible. We don’t expect everyone to participate in everything, but a little participation goes a long way.
  • Most importantly, actively participate on at least one research project as the project lead, graduate or undergraduate research assistant.