Joining the Drive lab

Membership is relatively low-key. Our only request is that you participate and help build a supportive research community! There are a few simple things we ask of student researchers to maintain their DRIVE Lab membership.


  • After joining give us a bit of information about you so that we can list you on the DRIVE Lab website (image, research interests, short bio)
  • Note your DRIVE Lab affiliation on your own personal website(s) and with permission in publications.
  • Attend weekly DRIVE Lab meetings. We have both weekly meetings and one monthly brainstorming session.
  • Help us to promote the lab through tweets/social media, adding news to the site etc.
  • Participate in our annual CHI Paper clinic – where we help each other prepare publications for the premier conference for human-computer interaction research (CHI).
  • Participate in DRIVE Lab activities! We have several events and lab activities throughout the year and we hope that all affiliated faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers will participate as possible. We don’t expect everyone to participate in everything, but a little participation goes a long way.
  • Most importantly, actively participate on at least one research project as the project lead, graduate or undergraduate research assistant.